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Payment Processing Consulting

Payment processing has taken on an all-new meaning today. The various methods of how you process transactions can affect the security of your customers card data, the efficiency of your staff and the overall cost of accepting payments. Virtual processing, mobile processing, "Tap and Go" and POS/Gateway integration are just some of the ways transactions now flow. In addition, the option of having the cardholder pay some of your processing fess opens up a whole new category. Understanding what methods work best for your environment is what we do.

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Consulting Services


Thorough review of your current processing arrangement. There are quite a few factors that affect your total monthly fees. In many cases there are miscellaneous fees listed on your statement that may not apply to your business. In addition, there are new pricing options where your processing fees can be passed on to the cardholder through such programs as "cash discounting" and "surcharging".


Guidance on what may be better options that work for your environment. Because of changes in technology there may be a more efficient way to handle these payments such as text invoicing, virtual terminals and wireless.


In depth analysis of your customer's card data security and your risk exposure. The legal responsibility for your cardholder's data lies with you no matter how you process a customer's credit card information. Data breach, fines and client losses can be overwhelming. We review your PCI requirements and confirm that you are in full compliance annually.


Recommendation for payment processing services options. In many cases your current processor may in fact have the tools and options you need and be willing to adjust their pricing if needed. If not, we can assist you without any conflict of interest in reviewing other payment service options that can handle both your current needs as well as any future requirements.

Our background includes extensive experience with all the major payment processing networks, card brand initiatives, and the innovative programs that have been developed by banks, fintech companies and entrepreneurs who have expanded this global financial industry.

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